Your Kid’s Room can be as unique as they are!


Your child is one-of-a-kind… So why should their room be just like every
Cameron, Justin and Ashley’s?

There are many great choices for kid’s room decor out there and the media is picking up on it.

Debra Smith a writer for the Daily Herald in Everett, WA. got it right when
she said in her article titled, Making the Scene, Options galore for
decorating kid’s rooms

"Not too long ago, just about the only choice when it came to kids’ bedroom
walls was what color to paint them.

Now more choices than ever are available…"

She goes on to mention a few of the companies offering fantastic choices out there for Kid’s Rooms. Along with a couple of ‘The Big Kids’ like Pier 1 and Pottery Barn Kids, our "Look What I Drawed!" KidArt Company was also listed. (Yeah!)

It is exciting to know that other companies like us recognize, "cookie
cutter" kid’s rooms are not what every child or their parent wants.

That creativity, artistic expression and individuality are as important for
the growing child as they are for the mature adult.

Thank God there’s finally starting to be some choices out there!

After all, how can we keep telling our kids the importance of being
themselves, and then keep decorating their rooms like everyone else’s?

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