Interpreting Kid’s Art


It is always interesting to hear people’s interpretations on a piece of artwork, especially a child’s!

I have just read a blog post from an artist who posted a painting from his early childhood so his readers could comment on whether or not a child’s art is truly art, and their interpretations of it.

What I loved about his post was his recognition of the extremely short career of the ‘child artist’. For a child grows up, and whether their skills develop or not, the simple mind of the child changes, and therefor so does the art.

I think it is very interesting to hear interpretations of kids art coming from adults. If you go to that blog post and read the comments from his readers (including a comment or two from me), you will see what I mean.

Adults like to complicate things….. make more out of them than what they really are.

(I have never been very good at that. If you were to eavesdrop on me in a gallery, you would hear me say things like, "Wow, that is gorgeous!", "I wonder how they did that technique?", or "I just don’t get that!") 🙂

From my experience, children are simple…. wise sometimes…. but simple.

They are what they are, and you can see it in their artwork.

They don’t ‘wax eloquent’ about their work, or try to make a greater meaning out of it. It just is.

Beautiful and simple….. Just like a child!

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