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Ever wondered what to do with the stacks and stacks of artwork from your budding little artist? Well if you read this blog you will know there are lots of things you can do!

First you can choose your favorite drawing and have me paint it onto canvas in acrylics to create an heirloom for both you and your child to last their lifetime. Something you should definitely do if you haven’t done it yet!

Then you can scan the rest of the art and store it on Cd’s, set up digital galleries and send copies to the relatives. But that can take a ‘boatload’ of work, so you may not get to it right away.

What if there was a way that your kids could scan, sort, store and send their art in a safe and easy way, all by themselves?

Well I had the pleasure of meeting, through this big ol’ web, a really neat family who figured out how to do this. Their company is called Art Bug Mail.

Originally out of the UK they are now living in my beautiful Province of British Columbia, Canada and thought I would ‘put the bug in your ear’ about their cool service. Check it out at