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When I showed my kids the Laser Light Crayons by Philips, they started begging! "Can you buy that for us, PLEASE?!?…."

Not yet available this amazing child’s toy is the coolest high-tech art equipment for kids that you will ever find! Basically, (if you could call something like this basic) the toy is a high-tech paint bucket and laser brushes. You dip your light stick in the bucket, give it a stir to get your color and then ‘paint’ on the wall with light. There is even a magic wand to wave at your drawing to get it to move in animation!

There are so many things that make this product really cool. First is how the heck do they do that? Then there is the amazing way the colored light looks on the wall in the dark.

Also the creativity this would inspire is huge and like the Wii, it gets the child up on their feet moving their whole body, to make these giant light murals on the wall…. Genius!

I first tripped across the product watching videos on You-Tube.  Watch it and you will see just how cool it is.

After trying to find out who makes it and where I could get it, I finally found Lexie Smith’s website called Lexical Light talking about where to find info on the Laser Light Crayons. Thank you Lexie you found what I was finding a truly difficult product to find!

Philips (you know the guys that make razors) has prototypes for a whole new line of exciting products meant to improve peoples lives. The line called, Simplicity uses light therapy, interactive toys, diagnostic equipment, fitness aids etc.  enveloped in futuristic designs to enhance our homes and lives.

To see the cool kids room stuff go to the Move Your Body Tab on the site, as well has go through the interactive rooms they have there to see other high-tech stuff for your home, coming in the future. You’ll be blown away!

Warning…. The site is so cool you may just think you entered a time machine to the future and will become very dissatisfied with the current stuff in your home when you arrive back in reality!  So Beam me up Scotty, I’m ready for the future!


You love and appreciate the artwork of the great masters over the centuries, and you would love to share that passion with your children, but there is no way in hell you could get them into a museum… Maybe this will help!

This cool video morphs famous paintings of women spanning over 500 years! It’s beautiful, artistic, covers several different genres and is extremely cool to boot.

Watch this with your kids and don’t tell them you’re trying to expand their cultural horizons. Just sit back and listen to them say COOL!!! Maybe they’ll even say it more than once!


Your child is one-of-a-kind… So why should their room be just like every
Cameron, Justin and Ashley’s?

There are many great choices for kid’s room decor out there and the media is picking up on it.

Debra Smith a writer for the Daily Herald in Everett, WA. got it right when
she said in her article titled, Making the Scene, Options galore for
decorating kid’s rooms

"Not too long ago, just about the only choice when it came to kids’ bedroom
walls was what color to paint them.

Now more choices than ever are available…"

She goes on to mention a few of the companies offering fantastic choices out there for Kid’s Rooms. Along with a couple of ‘The Big Kids’ like Pier 1 and Pottery Barn Kids, our "Look What I Drawed!" KidArt Company was also listed. (Yeah!)

It is exciting to know that other companies like us recognize, "cookie
cutter" kid’s rooms are not what every child or their parent wants.

That creativity, artistic expression and individuality are as important for
the growing child as they are for the mature adult.

Thank God there’s finally starting to be some choices out there!

After all, how can we keep telling our kids the importance of being
themselves, and then keep decorating their rooms like everyone else’s?


I have noticed that several of you have come to this site looking for Paleolithic Cave Drawings because of a previous post, Paleolithic Cave Drawings – Ancient Kid Art?

Doing a Google search I see that finding pictures of Cave Drawings is not such an easy task… but I did find a really great site out of France that I think you and your kids will enjoy.

The Cave of Lascaux site is interactive, intriguing, educational and beautiful to look at, so make sure to check it out!

If you let me know why you are looking for pictures of cave art, I will be happy to post more info when I find it.


Depending on who you talk to, ‘big dollars’ from ‘big corporations’ trickling into the classroom is either a ‘fantastic opportunity to better our children’s educational experience’ or an ‘evil infiltration by marketers into the tender minds of our little ones!’ …. Well, talk about a topic to liven up your next Parent Advisory Council meeting!?!

I think, the ‘side-of-the-fence’ the bulk of the parents at that meeting would sit on, would really depend on the current financial situation of the school at the time.

Maybe the school is a brand-new one like ours, where the parents are faced with the task of fundraising $120,000 for a playground and the thought of some one else ‘chipping in’ seems fantastic. Even if that meant we had to put up a plaque naming the contribtor.

Or maybe it’s an older, established school where extra funds aren’t as critical, so the thought of some big company ‘selling their wares’ directly to the children seems manipulative.

Watch this 6 part documentary done by Global Television about Corporations in the Classroom and decide for yourself how you feel about this topic.

One thing I do know is that this issue will affect my family directly.

The High School our children will be attending is Sullivan Heights. (The one near the end of the documentary who ‘sold their soul’ to Bell to get The Bell Center Theatre attatched to the side of it.)

Having attended a couple of functions in the beautiful theatre and seen all of the wonderful ammenities the school has afforded because of Bell’s sponsorship, I am at a bit of a loss as to the ‘evilness’ of it all.

No matter what your opinion is on whether or not big corporations should have their marketing messages delivered directly to the children of your school, they are already being heavily targeted in their everyday life.

So just to be safe, teach your childen a little about business at home. Teach them how to use their own minds when it comes to marketing messages and how to be wise consumers… Kids don’t have to be ‘mush brained sponges’.

After all, corporations can’t sell us, what we don’t want to buy!