Corporations in Classrooms – Opportunity or Sellout?


Depending on who you talk to, ‘big dollars’ from ‘big corporations’ trickling into the classroom is either a ‘fantastic opportunity to better our children’s educational experience’ or an ‘evil infiltration by marketers into the tender minds of our little ones!’ …. Well, talk about a topic to liven up your next Parent Advisory Council meeting!?!

I think, the ‘side-of-the-fence’ the bulk of the parents at that meeting would sit on, would really depend on the current financial situation of the school at the time.

Maybe the school is a brand-new one like ours, where the parents are faced with the task of fundraising $120,000 for a playground and the thought of some one else ‘chipping in’ seems fantastic. Even if that meant we had to put up a plaque naming the contribtor.

Or maybe it’s an older, established school where extra funds aren’t as critical, so the thought of some big company ‘selling their wares’ directly to the children seems manipulative.

Watch this 6 part documentary done by Global Television about Corporations in the Classroom and decide for yourself how you feel about this topic.

One thing I do know is that this issue will affect my family directly.

The High School our children will be attending is Sullivan Heights. (The one near the end of the documentary who ‘sold their soul’ to Bell to get The Bell Center Theatre attatched to the side of it.)

Having attended a couple of functions in the beautiful theatre and seen all of the wonderful ammenities the school has afforded because of Bell’s sponsorship, I am at a bit of a loss as to the ‘evilness’ of it all.

No matter what your opinion is on whether or not big corporations should have their marketing messages delivered directly to the children of your school, they are already being heavily targeted in their everyday life.

So just to be safe, teach your childen a little about business at home. Teach them how to use their own minds when it comes to marketing messages and how to be wise consumers… Kids don’t have to be ‘mush brained sponges’.

After all, corporations can’t sell us, what we don’t want to buy!


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