About Cindy Lietz

Cindy Lietz Painting Childrens Wall Art

I am an artist, a mom, a wife and a friend. These are not only my roles, but they are also my passions.


My two young children (Willow and Fisher) and life-long friend and husband Doug, fill my life with giggles and hugs. They are the reasons why I was inspired to fulfill my dreams of becoming an artist.


Together with my family I created "Look What I Drawed!" KidArt Company so that we could help children and their families create a legacy of empowerment through the celebration of their childhood art.


Prior to actually painting the first ever Look What I Drawed!™canvases, I spent 10 years developing my skills as a professional artist; hosting a decorating television show; and teaching night-school classes focused on creating one-of-a-kind home decor accents.


"A Whale of a Good Idea!”


Then in late 2003, I was officially discovered along with my unique Look What I Drawed!™ style of art. I was commissioned to paint a life size statue of a baby orca whale for public display in the City of Vancouver, Canada. This magnificent mural of children’s art was a huge hit that helped raise donations for the Easter Seals and Canucks for Kids charity foundations.


Most recently I was commissioned to paint a Kermode Spirit Bear sculpture for the follow up project to the "Orcas in the City Project". This delightfully muraled sculpture involved the artwork of over 500 children from the private school of West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, BC.


Since kids and art are so important to me, I actively volunteer with numerous kids-art related activities at the primary school level, as well.


To me there is nothing more inspiring, or truly delightful than something drawn through the eyes of a child. My passion is to help preserve and showcase children’s art in a way that creates a legacy of memories for us as parents… and perhaps more importantly, for our children, as they grow up to begin families of their own.


So with this blog I will share with you ideas that are interesting, inspiring, and exciting to me…  hopefully they will be to you as well.