Make a blanket or quilt with your kid’s art!


I just received a question from Stacy  who visited my website wanting to know how she could use the art from the children in her Kindergarten class to make a blanket.

There are a several ways you can do this and I thought it would be fun to share this with you all.

First, you can have the children create the art directly onto fabric squares using fabric paints. If you are working with such small children however, your results will be best if you stick to simple designs such as ‘finger painted’ squiggles in two or three colors. When the paint is dry, heat set by ironing the back side for a minute or two.

You can also use fabric felt pens. I find the felts look a little ‘hokey’, but that can be fixed by ‘over-dying’ the ‘drawn on’ fabric with fabric dye. This gives the art a more professional look.

Another cool thing you can do to put kids art onto fabric is to use fabric wax crayons. Designs or pictures are colored onto regular white paper with the special crayons, and then ironed onto the fabric like you would an iron-on transfer. The colors melt into the fabric and permanently dye it.

For a more high-tech way to transfer kids art to fabric, use your photocopier. You can then use these color copies in two different ways.

You can print color copies onto regular white paper. Then using a transfer medium found in arts or crafts stores that looks like white glue, transfer the image onto the fabric. This is a very cool thing to do with children depending on their skill levels.

The medium is spread thickly onto the front of the photocopy, and the laid onto the fabric. When dry, the fabric is put into water to soak off the paper. With a little rubbing the image appears. The kids will think it is quite magical!

The other way to use color copies is to print them onto photo transfer paper. You can find this in office supply stores and the transfer paper can go into your own ink-jet printer. The transfer paper is then ironed onto the fabric.

Anyway you choose to make your kid art blanket or quilt, you will be forever capturing the precious art of your children in a cozy, cuddly, comforting form.

I’m not sure if Stacy is a teacher or a parent, but I think it is wonderful that she would like to memorialize the children’s art in such a treasured way!

Good luck with your fantastic project Stacy! Send us pictures if you end up making a kid art blanket with your Kindergarten class!

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December 7, 2006

Sandra @ 8:33 am #

Thanks for the great ideas! You have me thinking of all the cool projects our family could do to preserve some very fun memories!

Cindy Lietz @ 10:25 am #

I would love to see pictures of what you make Sandra!

January 29, 2007

Daniel @ 6:15 pm #

Will a iron-on transfer work on fabric as rough as a blanket? I thought it had to be super smooth like a t-shirt?

January 30, 2007

Cindy Lietz @ 11:18 am #

Hi Daniel,

It really depends on what your ‘blanket’ is made of. Make sure you read the instructions well on the fabric transfer package and do a test transfer if you can.

If all else fails, you can transfer your image to a fabric that will work and sew it on (applique it is called) to your blanket. If the image is a large one, you may want to use a fusible webbing between your blanket and your image to give it more strength and durability.

Good luck…..Let me know if you try this project.

January 19, 2011

Rystiann @ 7:55 pm #

Your site gave us some ideas on how to really make our own thing so unique and special. Thanks.

September 21, 2011

Shannon Hawkins @ 3:21 pm #

Does anybody happen to know of a company or person who would transfer the art to a blanket for us? We are hoping to use it for a school fundraiser, but we want to be able to have the class draw their pictures and then send them out and have a beautiful blanket come back! 🙂 Anyone know of a place that does this? Thanks.

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